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How do I interpret the graph provided by the Monthly Mean Wind Speed Tool?

For your selected location and hub height, this tool shows the monthly average (mean) wind speed for each month of the year and lists the specific month that has the highest monthly value as well as the lowest monthly value. The thick line and the small squares represent 3TIER’s estimate of your monthly wind resource. The thin vertical lines represent the standard error of that estimate. This means that we are 68% confident that the true wind speed at your location falls between the limits indicated by the thin vertical lines.

You have the option of seeing wind speed values in units of m/s (meters per second) or mph (miles per hour). To learn how to change your account settings click here.

Please keep in mind when comparing different geographic areas that each graph scales to its specific location, meaning the values on the y-axis will change depending on the variability and intensity of the wind resource at a location.

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