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Wind Energy Project Feasibility

Prospecting & Resource Assessment

The "fuel" of a wind project is the most critical factor driving its commercial success or failure. Where is the wind strongest? How much year-to-year power variability is expected? What are the exceedance values at the site? Without answers to these questions, it is impossible to assess a project's feasibility or manage your exposure to risk. 3TIER accurately answers these questions anywhere on Earth.

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Risk Mitigation Process

3TIER provides a systematic progression of services to help our clients manage the risk of wind resource variability.

Early Stage

Late Stage


Site Identification & Pre-feasibility

Project Design & Due Diligence

Financing & Bankability

Identify the best areas for closer evaluation using quick and low cost data.

Examine and prioritize promising sites and identify where to site met masts.

Optimize turbine layout and determine long-term power availability.

Maximize certainty in a project's long-term performance to secure financing.


  • 5 km resolution mean data
  • Online Maps
  • GIS data layers
  • API


  • 15 km resolution long-term hourly wind and power data
  • Initial site reports
  • Higher resolution wind maps and gross power estimates


  • 4 km – 90 m resolution wind and power mapping
  • 10-50 years of wind and power data
  • Observations integrated into analysis


  • Custom datasets and mapping
  • QC'ed observations integrated into analysis
  • Analysis of wake, turbulence, and other loss factors

Quickly Explore Wind Resources Around the World

Save time and money by targeting the best locations for wind energy projects and infrastructure. 3TIER lets you quickly explore any location around the world directly from your computer. Now you can avoid problem sites and separate successful projects from marginal ones earlier in the process. Our on-demand, initial wind resource assessments are based on a consistent, global dataset so you can compare sites with confidence.

Maximize Accuracy With State-of-the-Art Science

Direct measurements are the best way to record actual wind conditions and the unique terrain effects at a site. However, it takes 10+ years to capture climatic variability, which can make or break a project financially, and few measurement campaigns have records extending that far back in time. To mitigate this risk, 3TIER uses on-site measurements to correct our long-term simulations of site climatology with advanced statistical techniques. The result is significantly reduced uncertainty about future project performance and the bankable production estimates required to secure project financing.

Experienced and Trusted

3TIER is a trusted assessment partner for hundreds of developers, including many of the largest and most successful energy companies in the world.

  • Performed work on all 6 continents
  • Assessed over 20 GW of proposed on and off shore wind projects
  • Delivered over 650 feasibility studies

Assessment Products

Product Early Stage Late Stage

Wind Time Series and Prospecting Tools

Get quick and low cost access to global wind information for small wind applications and performing red flag analysis. More


Wind GIS Data Layer

Layer 3TIER wind resource datasets with transmission, land use, and other information to target promising sites across broad regions. More


Prospecting API

Integrate our resource datasets directly into your own wind applications. More


Wind Spatial Mapping

Ideally site met towers or design your turbine layout with high-resolution maps showing wind distribution across your entire project site. More


Site Climate Variability Analysis

Select any specific site and get statistically corrected, high-resolution wind speed and power analysis for periods of 10-50 years. More


Project Resource Assessment

Select a turbine layout and get statistically corrected, high-resolution wind speed and power analysis for periods of 10-50 years. More


Comprehensive Assessment

3TIER wind assessment customized to the requirements of your financing institution including loss factor and uncertainty analysis. More


Portfolio Climate Variability Analysis

Prioritize all the met towers in your portfolio and evaluate sites earlier with corrected long-term time series delivered monthly. More

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