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Wind Energy Marketing

Forecasts for Power Scheduling & Trading

Efficient wind plant operations, energy integration, and power trading require quick decisions with substantial exposure to risk. These decisions impact production, operational costs, and ultimately project profitability. As one of the largest wind power forecasters in the world, 3TIER delivers the accuracy and context you need to manage risk and optimize operations at a single project or across an entire region.

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Primary Uses

  • Reduce imbalance penalties
  • Improve construction, energy, and maintenance scheduling
  • Maximize integration and reduce curtailments
  • Make informed purchasing, energy trading, and marketing decisions
  • Manage long-term financial agreements

A Trusted Name in Wind

Broad Forecasting Experience

3TIER is one of the largest and most successful wind forecasters in the world and forecasts for more merchant non-PPA wind projects than anyone else in North America.

  • Forecasts 17 GW of project-specific capacity
  • Forecasts for over 43 GW of installed capacity worldwide
  • 95% client retention
  • Top rated customer service

Cutting-Edge Forecast Science

For industry leading accuracy, 3TIER's approach combines state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction models with statistical techniques that tune our models using the best available observations. Our technology allows us to deliver hour, day, week, and months-ahead forecasts at a single project or across a broad production area.

Relevant and Actionable Information

Our dynamic dashboard interface gives you instant access to forecasting information for all of your project sites and energy regions.

  • View, download, and integrate data via our API
  • Perform scenario analysis
  • Customize data displays to the demands of your work
  • Get context and risk-adjust transactions with advanced verification tools
  • Access an unprecedented amount of historical forecast data

Forecasting Products

Premium Wind Forecasting

Advanced forecasts for integrating power and making market-based trading decisions. More

Basic Wind Forecasting

Entry-level forecasts for pre-operation construction and satisfying PPAs. More

Regional Wind Forecasting

Energy trading forecasts across broad production areas for portfolio optimization and managing financial and energy agreements. More

Seasonal Wind Forecasting

Long-term forecasts looking up to 12 months ahead for structuring long-term purchases, trades, and hedges and preparing for climate anomalies. More

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