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Wind Energy Asset Management

Performance Reconciliation & Seasonal Forecasting

3TIER helps developers, utilities, and financiers make informed decisions in a challenging energy market with fluctuating price and volumetric risk. Our advanced wind deviation analysis and forecasts combine science and information technology to help mitigate risk and build better economic value.

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Primary Uses

  • Structure long-term energy agreements, trades, and hedges
  • Perform financial and portfolio analysis
  • Reconcile wind performance and deviation
  • Optimize and integrate assets
  • Plan for climate anomalies

A Trusted Name in Wind

Portfolio Management

3TIER puts recent and future wind performance in context so you understand the risks and implications of variability at potential or existing projects across broad production areas. We enable you to optimize and diversify your portfolio of assets. Our seasonal forecasts also help you structure long-term hedges for energy and capacity transactions.

We use numerical weather prediction models and the best available observations to model weather patterns and climate anomalies that impact wind energy output. Our analysis takes long-term climatology into account (from 10-50 years) and our datasets can be easily integrated into your own internal processes.

Project Forensic Studies

Recognizing and resolving underperformance issues as early as possible helps maximize energy production, optimize operations, and proactively restructure financial and capacity obligations. When performance guarantees are not met and a project is in danger of default, 3TIER can perform a full forensic evaluation of the project. This helps isolate issues related to wind variability so you can identify the systemic cause of underperformance.

Asset Management Products

Wind Performance Reconciliation

Put recent project performance in context across your portfolio with wind anomaly analysis based on over 40 years of climatology. More

Wind Project Forensic Analysis

Discover the source of project underperformance with an in depth assessment of your site calibrated to production data. More

Seasonal Forecasting

Long-term, project-specific forecasts looking 12 months ahead for structuring long-term purchases, trades, and hedges and preparing for climate anomalies. More

Portfolio Climate Variability Analysis

Prioritize all the met towers in your portfolio and evaluate sites earlier with corrected long-term time series delivered monthly. More

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