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Hydro Energy Asset Management

Seasonal Forecasting

3TIER helps anyone with a financial interest in hydropower make informed decisions in a challenging energy market. Our long-range forecasts offer utilities and asset operators crucial information for managing financial and operational risk as well as performing initial and ongoing planning for the hydropower season.

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Primary Uses

  • Optimize water and energy across a portfolio
  • Calculate supply curves
  • Plan and schedule assets
  • Use and purchase reserve energy sources
  • Manage PPAs, EMAs, hedges, and energy trades


Portfolio Management

3TIER's seasonal hydro forecast provides early warning of high streamflow or extreme dry-season conditions up to 12 months in advance. This enables you to optimize and diversify your portfolio of assets, structure long-term hedges for energy and capacity transactions, and mitigate the risks of long-term financial decisions.

  • Financial analysts – Prepare utility revenue forecasts.
  • Power marketers – Determine power surplus or deficit and secure long-term power sales and purchases.
  • Operators – Make decisions about reservoir refill timing, off stream water allocation, and the use of alternate energy sources.

Cutting-Edge Forecast Science

3TIER's hydrological flow models are based on state-of-the-art techniques developed at Princeton University and the University of Washington. They are physically based, fully distributed, and incorporate the current trends of climate anomalies, such as El Niño, which have a dramatic impact on streamflow.

Experienced and Trusted

3TIER offers over 10 years of hydro forecasting expertise and superior customer service. Our hydro scientists and support staff have years of experience in operational hydro forecasting and are dedicated to providing the best and most customized user experience available.

Asset Management Products

Basin Monitor Forecasting

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