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Prospecting API

Prospecting API

Designed for: Engineer/Consultant, Developer & Government Agency
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Access & Integrate 3TIER's Wind and Solar Data

Primary Uses

  • Utility-scale prospecting
  • Utility-scale assessment
  • Marketing and sales tools
  • Customer and public educational tools

3TIER's wind and solar datasets provide in-depth resource data for any location worldwide. Our online maps and data products are the 'go-to' tools for utility-scale developers needing to quickly vet potential project locations. They also help residential and commercial-scale installers and manufacturers by helping qualify leads, inform hardware decisions, and educate customers with return-on-investment calculations.

3TIER's Prospecting API (Application Programming Interface) enables you to integrate our scientifically derived, third party resource data into your own internal applications and customer experiences. You can use the API to build revenue-generating applications and mash-ups including:

  • Web-based lead generation programs
  • Internal and customer-facing sales tools
  • Product selection tools
  • Project design and financial modeling tools

The Prospecting API accesses 3TIER's data using simple REST calls. It is an open, standards based, XML programming interface. To make integration simple and quick, 3TIER provides detailed developer documentation, programming examples, and sample code.

Technical Overview

Product Highlights

  • Wind: 5 km global dataset. Annual mean wind speed values at any custom height between 10 m and 140 m. Includes confidence intervals for each value.
  • Solar: 3 km global dataset. Annual mean GHI, including confidence interval.

Optional Features

In addition to 3TIER's basic API configuration, we can also provide extended information, including:

  • Monthly mean wind speeds
  • Annual mean wind Weibull k and A
  • Annual mean wind rose
  • Annual wind speed distribution
  • Annual and monthly mean power density
  • Annual and monthly mean temperature
  • Annual and monthly mean air density
  • Monthly mean GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiance)
  • Annual and monthly mean DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance)
  • Annual and monthly mean DIF (Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance)

Technical Highlights

  • The Prospecting API is a REST API that provides direct access to 3TIER's datasets.
  • Global Wind Dataset
    • Spatial resolution of approximately 5 km
    • Mesoscale 10-year WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) model run
    • Validated by 4000 NCEP-ADP network stations worldwide
    • Model constrained by high-quality inputs from the NCAR/NCEP reanalysis
  • Global Solar Dataset
    • Spatial resolution of 2 arc minutes (approximately 3 km)
    • Based on over a decade of satellite data with continual updates
    • Validated and developed using numerous datasets from around the world



3TIER implemented an innovative physics-based NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) modeling approach to create its wind dataset. Unlike traditional models that merely interpolate observed wind speeds between widely dispersed points, 3TIER's system simulates the interaction between the entire atmosphere and the earth's surface, to create a more robust and accurate wind climatology. 3TIER's technique captures the myriad processes responsible for wind—from jet level dynamics to surface level processes and everything in between. Using proven, state-of-the-art methods supported and continually enhanced by the global atmospheric science and research community, 3TIER is able to create realistic wind fields throughout the world.

If you are unfamiliar with the technical terminology on this page, please visit our Glossary for more information.

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