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Wind Energy Has Arrived in the Pacific Northwest

October 16, 2012 - Download Press Release

Wind Energy Output Exceeds Hydro Output for First Time in BPA

SEATTLE, Wash.—In a region known for its ample hydro energy resources, wind energy production has for the first time surpassed hydro energy output. A windy morning in the Northwest on October 16th, along with a significant build-out of new wind power in the region, resulted in a record generation of wind energy in the Pacific Northwest that accounted for roughly 85% of load in the region. For those involved in the Pacific Northwest energy market, this is a landmark event for wind energy production, and underscores the importance of having a reliable wind power forecast.

3TIER®, a provider of both hydro and wind energy forecasts for the industry’s leading energy marketers, was closely watching the event. Pascal Storck, 3TIER COO, commented, “For those watching, operating, and trading in the region’s energy markets, today marks a milestone. The amount of energy produced by wind has been steadily increasing in the Pacific Northwest, but today is the first time that the amount of electricity generated by wind has exceeded that generated by the region’s hydro system. Passing this milestone means it is even more critical for power traders and system operators to have an accurate forecast of how much power wind energy will produce in advance. 3TIER has a long track record of providing wind energy forecasts in the Pacific Northwest and we are pleased to have provided accurate forecasts of this milestone event to our customers two days in advance.”

Michael Grundmeyer, managing director of risk at 3TIER, added, “Not only is this a lesson showing that significant penetration of wind can bring about a market shift in energy resources, but also that intermittent assets like wind can be accurately forecasted. Energy marketers and asset operators can readily take advantage of these forecasts – days in advance – and benefit from 3TIER’s decision-making tools. Scenario and analog analysis will be critical as we build new paradigms for how our energy systems work and react during big events like the one we just experienced."

For more information about this event, visit: http://transmission.bpa.gov/Business/Operations/Wind/baltwg.aspx

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