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Argentinean Government Sponsors 3TIER Wind Analysis

April 18, 2012 - Download Press Release

New Public Resource Will Propel Local Development and Investment

PANAMA CITY—3TIER®, a global leader in renewable energy risk analysis, today announced the launch of a powerful wind and electrical analysis tool covering the province of Buenos Aires. The government-sponsored resource is now publically available and will help attract wind development and investment to the largest and most populous province of Argentina.

The new web application is called Mapa Eólico-Eléctrico de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, or MEEBA. Its interface and underlying data are the result of a 5-month collaborative effort between EAPC Sur, 3TIER’s Argentinean partner, and SIGLA Group, an international energy consulting firm. The work was commissioned by the Department of Infrastructure of the Province of Buenos Aires and FREBA, a forum of distribution companies in Buenos Aires province. The online application was developed in the context of PROINGED, a fund dedicated to developing the electrical infrastructure of Buenos Aires.

MEEBA helps visualize detailed analysis of Buenos Aires’ wind potential and grid capacity. It also calculates AEP (annual energy production) and capacity factor for any location within the province using a catalog of wind turbine types. Initial evaluation has identified a promising wind prospecting area with long-term annual wind speeds exceeding 6 m/s, which covers 61% of the province outside of exclusion zones.

A technical conference was held on March 30th in the coastal town of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires to launch MEEBA. The event attracted over 100 private developers, investors, and government officials and was opened by Alejandro Arlía, the Minister of Infrastructure of Buenos Aires, and the mayor of Mar del Plata. Different aspects of the project were then presented in detail, including its role in the province’s energy policy and wind finance opportunities as well as the web application’s features and the GIS and mesoscale modeling techniques used to create it.

“By combining 3TIER’s numerical weather prediction modeling expertise with the electrical and GIS expertise of our partners, we have developed a valuable new application,” said Hugo Pereira, 3TIER’s Latin America regional business development manager. “It allows developers to quickly evaluate potential wind locations and determine which ones warrant deeper analysis. Now they can more effectively take advantage of the province’s strong wind resource to meet rising energy demand.”

Once a promising location is identified, 3TIER also provides advanced spatial mapping and long-term production analysis to help developers site meteorological towers, evaluate project risk, and secure financing. These long-term wind variability studies integrate on-site observational data and loss factors to improve accuracy and reduce error and uncertainty.

To request free access to MEEBA, visit http://www.mapaeolicobsas.org.ar/.


EAPC Sur is part of EAPC Wind Energy, a technical advisor that has served the wind energy industry for over 35 years. Our staff includes engineers, geographers, meteorologists, and financial specialists, who have accumulated extensive experience in developing and financing wind projects. We have a track record of 30,000 MW in the Americas, of which 2,000 MW belong to Mercosur. For more information, visit http://eapcsur.com/.


The SIGLA GROUP is an international consulting group of companies specialized in energy studies and projects with a presence in the Latin American market for over 35 years. Our primary areas of expertise are in tariff and regulatory studies, project and business management, and distribution and transmission engineering and planning. We provide consulting services throughout Latin America through a network of agencies and strategic alliances and have offices in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Pablo. For more information, visit http://www.sigla.com.ar/.


3TIER helps the global energy market manage renewable energy risk. A pioneer in wind and solar generation risk analysis, 3TIER uses weather science to frame the risk of weather-driven variability – anywhere on earth, across all time horizons. With offices serving North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region, 3TIER has global reach with products and services spanning renewable energy project feasibility, energy marketing, and asset management.

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